Safety and independence
for caregivers and their patients


About New England Medical

Every Challenge has a Solution

New England Medical Systems has provided accessibility solutions for homes, schools, businesses and healthcare institutions since 1992.

New England Medical Systems designs and installs tools for living independent lives. We provide solutions to support and enhance the dignity, comfort, safety and independence of people living with disabilities.

New England Medical Systems designs manufactures, supplies and services advanced lifting systems providing safe patient handling and caregiver support in healthcare facilities throughout the Northeast.

Whether needs are triggered by illness, injury, or the inconveniences of old architectural conventions, New England Medical Systems creates solutions for home and community accessibility.

Our extensive work with healthcare institutions focuses on safe patient handling and the prevention of caregiver injury. We work with institutions to create unique, efficient and practical solutions for special care environments.

Adaptive appliances can remove barriers for some of the 54 million Americans living with a disabling condition.

We provide bath, shower and toilet accessories including sinks and toilets that adjust to your seated or standing height. We also furnish grab bars, corridor railing, support arms, changing tables and nursing benches that adjust to a range of needs. We provide privacy curtains for special environments.

New England Medical Systems is the master US distributor for Pressalit Care™, Ropimex ™ and Ropox. We're a regional distributor for Waverley Glen in the Northeast.